FUTURES  Case Management
Facilitating Unique Triumphs through Understanding and Respect using Everyday Supports. 

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FUTURES Case Management, LLC strives to meet the needs of the individuals served on the Medicaid Waiver program in Indiana. FUTURES works to advocate for all individuals in order to increase successful integration into the community, improved self-efficacy, and most importantly, the ability to live independent lives for their future.

Triumph of the Month: 
John (right) and Richard (left) graduated early from Gavit High School in Hammond, Indiana on June 6th. John graduated with a Core 40 diploma and Richard graduated with a Standard High School Diploma. John and Richard are both interested in attending college courses. John would like to get a business degree and Richard is interested in becoming a video game tester. Both John and Richard enjoy playing video games and also playing on their computers. Currently, John is taking karate classes. Since school has ended, both will be attending AccessAbilitites, Inc's day program. FUTURES is very proud of the TRIUMPHS of these two and wishes them the best of luck for their FUTURE!