FUTURES  Case Management
Facilitating Unique Triumphs through Understanding and Respect using Everyday Supports. 

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FUTURES Case Management, LLC strives to meet the needs of the individuals served on the Medicaid Waiver program in Indiana. FUTURES works to advocate for all individuals in order to increase successful integration into the community, improved self-efficacy, and most importantly, the ability to live independent lives for their future


On 09/01/2015 FUTURES reached a milestone of 1,000 clients! When FUTURES started out our goal was 600 clients. We could never have made it without the support of those we serve, families we work with, and FUTURES' dedicated, and wonderful Case Managers! It has been a great two years! Thank you for allowing us to work with you! 

FUTURES Christmas Party December '14

In addition to this, not only did FUTURES grow as a business, but it grew as a family. FUTURES experienced a great baby boom throughout the past two years!

Case Manager Lauren Farris with son Michael born March 10th, 2015

Case Manager Heidi Peak with daughter Caroline born June 11th, 2015

Case Manager/Supervisor April Gibb with son Finley born on July 28th, 2014

Case Manager Brody Gregg with twins Eliot (left) and Evrit (right) born January 12th, 2015

Case Manager Mandi Mitchell with son Elliot born November 25th, 2014

Case Manager Jessica Murray with daughter Grayson born August 14th, 2013